(The Setup)

Things to give each team member: 

One coach or parent will set up an AdvoCare account for $79. This account will belong to the person who sets it up after the season is over.  This is a huge benefit because the owner will get $50 in SPARK and SLAM via FedEx and gets to maintain the discount level! 

Set up your team or organization's account at, here at, with the AdvoCare distributor you are working with, or use this email address to request more information -

All participants should commit to selling a minimum of 10 boxes of AdvoCare Active Line Products (SPARK, Rehydrate, Rehydrate Gel, SLAM, V16) in one week's time.  You can preorder boxes or choose not to.  Preordering 10 per participant is recommended because most purchasers will buy more if the product is available right away.  Once again, it is not necessary to preorder. Purchases can be made once all the money is collected. If you want to add an incentive or friendly competition for who sells the most, or have goals to hit for everyone, we find that sales tend to go up considerably.

Money is collected as cash or by check payable to the fundraiser representative.  All money goes to the fundraiser rep. after one week and then we help you place your order in about 10 minutes.   You have the money in your hands once the order is placed! Simple as that!

Depending on the option you select, will determine when your products will be delivered. Cheapest option is to choose normal s/h, so in one week your product will be delivered and each participant will deliver their orders.  The work stops here but the money doesn't have to!!

You may label each box of product so when customers love it they can get more by going to your website (you get a site with your $79 account sign up) and for the remainder of the season the fundraiser representative can forward proceeds to the team.

All taxes on income earned are a tax write-off as a donation.